WP 4 - Communication and outreach

WP 4 - Communication and outreach strategy

Outreach and communication will be supported by the interactive Online Collaborative Platform (OCP) including a range of state-of-the-art information and communication tools: i) Collaborative options through web based interactive and participatory workshops, discussion forums, social networks, e-voting and crowdsourcing of knowledge, interactive maps; ii) Project products e.g. data bases, the international pilot knowledge system on agricultural soil carbon, model products, guidelines, case studies, crowdsourcing results, outlooks and roadmaps for specific audiences; iii) Promotional and informative materials such as newsletters, prezis, comics, short videos, events calendar; iv) Communication support for the regional workshops, preparatory meetings and final conference.

The regional / national stakeholder hubs will provide inputs on preferred outreach and communication activities and channels in their area and assist with dissemination of project results. 

In this folder

You will find on this page communication supports for the CIRCASA project outreach. Please, if you are a project member, feel free to use the following support for the Project visibility.

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