Here you can find all the public CIRCASA deliverables as they were submitted to the European Commission.

If you wish to use any of the information in these reports please seek permission from Cristina Arias-Navarro

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This report shows the first stock-take of research networks and projects plus user guidance and is available for further future updating. It provides for (inter) relationships among and across networks identifying the relevant issues and participants.
A summary presenting the challenges for soil carbon sequestration research, hypothesis to be further tested and key research (and innovation) products.
In order to understand soil’s contribution to ecosystem services, large-scale modelling and mapping soil properties and processes are needed. This increased global understanding will show how to tackle multiple land based challenges through agricultural SOC sequestration. This report is detailing the harmonized spatial data sets and their use to create knowledge synthesis on the potential for SOC sequestration in agriculture and on the role of SOC for agricultural productivity, climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Official Release of the international Knowledge Information System with complete functionalities based on partner and users feedbacks integrated withing the Online Collaborative Platform, free platform accessible at
Report on the views of stakeholders for the potential for SOC management to contribute to SOC sequestration for climate change mitigation and adaptation and for the achievement of SDGs, including how these measures can be implemented, which barriers may constrain this, and which knowledge gaps need to be filled.
Report on the key barriers and solutions for the implementation of SOC sequestration options across different geographic zones and what knowledge gaps need to be filled to overcome barriers.
In this report, we examine knowledge gaps identified by stakeholders. In this way, the findings support the creation of an international strategic research agenda for SOC, a central envisioned outcome of the CIRCASA project.
Research priorities for the alignment of International Research on Soil Organic Carbon sequestration in Agriculture
CIRCASA final conference - Towards an International Research Consortium for Soil Organic Carbon, preparation of the event, expressions of interest and key issues raised in the discussion.
Contribution to D1.3, The science base of a strategic research agenda

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