WP 2 - Engaging stakeholders

WP 2 - Addressing stakeholders' views: knowledge and research needs (Objective 3)

WP2 will carry out a dialogue with stakeholders to: 1) gather stakeholders’ perspectives on the potential for SOC management to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable intensification of agriculture and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 2) identify and assess challenges and solutions for the implementation of SOC sequestration options, and 3) understand and synthesize the knowledge gaps and research needs emerging from stakeholders’ perspectives and their assessment of options.  

Stakeholders’ views will be gathered by 1) attending regular meetings and conferences and reporting back to WP2 tasks using agreed reporting templates and 2) organizing regional / national stakeholder hubs (focus groups) which will engage stakeholders to participate in an online survey, webinar(s) and one in-person workshop per hub. These will take place in the regional/national language and will be facilitated via the OCP, where stakeholders will also be able to provide feedback on project outputs. The Stakeholder Advisory Board (StAB), including representatives from regional/national hubs, will support the hubs as well as feed directly into knowledge gathering on perspectives for SOC management, barriers and solutions to implementation, and knowledge demands. The StAB will be engaged via Email, webinars and one in-person meeting. The resulting assessments will be published and will be open for comments through the Online Collaborative Platform. 

Modification date: 28 August 2023 | Publication date: 12 December 2017 | By: CIRCASA